Saesha Wani

"Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone." – Billy Cox

Hey, I’m Saesha Wani! I am currently a sophomore in the SWAT chapter at José Martí MAST Academy in Miami-Dade County! I got involved in SWAT about a year ago, when it was first introduced at my school. I joined because I wanted to take action and work towards the ultimate goal of creating a tobacco-free future. Tobacco has affected my life as big tobacco continues to target many of my family members and friends. Therefore, I was so excited to join a group of students with similar interests and together advocate for tobacco control. Since then, Students Working Against Tobacco has been a big part of my life. SWAT has given me the opportunity to not only get involved in my school, but also make a difference in my community! After being involved in my school’s SWAT chapter for a year, I decided I wanted to take my journey with SWAT a step further and run for the YAB. This is my first year on the YAB and I am ready to make our goals of a tobacco free future a reality and truly be Big Tobacco’s biggest nightmare. Outside of SWAT, I am part of Student Council and Key Club. I enjoy Figure Skating, and I am always trying to push myself to overcome obstacles and try new things!

Region: 4