Taking action and becoming a part of something that impacts others takes guts.

It’s not for everyone. But for those who participate, the friendships and inspiration they will pass on to others is life changing.

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Is SWAT open to anyone?

Anyone in Florida who is in 6th-12th grade is able to join SWAT. There is a SWAT Chapter in every county in Florida. Some counties also have clubs in schools and community centers.

How can I get involved in SWAT?

There are a few ways to become involved in SWAT. If you know your school has a SWAT club, listen to the announcements and attend their next meeting. If you are unsure if your school has a SWAT club, you can complete our online registration form. A tobacco prevention staff person from your county will then contact you.

Can I still be a SWAT member if my school doesn’t have a club?

Yes. Many counties have SWAT clubs at community centers and at-large county clubs. Just complete the online registration form and a tobacco prevention staff member will contact you and will let you know of upcoming meetings or events so you can become active in the movement. If other students at your school are also interested in forming a club, she (or he) may be able to help establish one.

What do SWAT members do?

SWAT works to change the social norms associated with tobacco. This means we want to change the way people think about tobacco… making it less desirable, less acceptable and less accessible. We do this by advocating for change in local policies that affect how tobacco is marketed, how it is sold, and where it can be used. SWAT members can expect to participate in a wide range of activities including community education and outreach, public speaking, collecting data, and media advocacy.

What if I’m a smoker?

SWAT fights the tobacco industry, not smokers. If you are a smoker, chances are you have fallen prey to the tobacco industry’s manipulative marketing schemes. We understand tobacco products are addictive and we want to help you quit.


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