Earth Day ChewisEww and Smokeless Tobacco

Earth Day, #ChewisEww and Smokeless Tobacco

YAB and SWAT are always working to bring awareness to issues in present day life. This month we focus on the Earth (Earth day), chew tobacco and smokeless tobacco. Earth day is April 22nd this year. Earth day is a day set aside to bring awareness to and demonstrate support for environmental protection. The observance of this day was first celebrated in 1970, and is said to have been first introduced by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Many events all around the world are held on April 22 to help the Earth; for example, beach clean ups, marathons, educational events and much more. Tobacco affects the Earth by littering, polluting and many other ways. Most of the time when someone smokes a cigarette they throw it on the ground afterwards, this can lead to animals eating it or the cigarette ending up in the ocean (which in result can pollute the ocean and sea creatures can then eat it). Will you help this observance day by holding an event? You can have educating events, clean ups, or even hang posters that include the effects of pollution.

This month’s hashtag is #nopuffzone, next month’s hashtag will be #chewiseww. Chew is a smokeless tobacco product. Smokeless tobacco also comes in many other forms including snuff, dip, snus, and dissolvable products (including sticks, strips, etc.). Many people think that smokeless tobacco products are not as bad as smoking a cigarette, so they have an excuse to do it. Products like these are either equally bad, or even worse. The tobacco industry often disguises their products by making the packaging similar to popular candy brands. They also include flavors like strawberry, cherry and many others to entice teenagers to buy their products. After all, they need replacements for all the customers that die each year from tobacco products. They target teenagers and young adults as their main replacements. SWAT and YAB are here to make sure everyone is educated about tobacco products.

You can start planning events for next month, the hashtag will be #chewiseww! We also want to see what you’re doing this month! Make sure you use our monthly hashtag #nopuffzone for any events you might be doing in your local SWAT chapter!